Web Technologies (Extended)

Advances in web technology has seen web site development take off. JQUERY, Bootstrap and AJAX use advanced javascript technology to bring more power and flexibility to building a site.

Content Management Systems such as Dot Net Nuke, Wordpress and Joomla use such technologies to create responsive and powerful web sites.


JQuery adds power to client web scripting across the World Wide Web forum. This is free and open source technology that works in all the top browsers including Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox.

JQuery extends the power of Javascript across platforms and is the most popular Javascript library out there. Using this technology is simple and flexible in navigating a document's object library, creating animation, handling events and working with technologies such as AJAX and bootstrap.

JQuery allows for powerful scripting when interacting with the browser window, easily allowing for event handling and advanced CSS class interaction. This further promotes responsive and interactive web sites and we recommend using JQuery in our projects.


Bootstrap adds some very useful features to make web site development customizable for different screen size and layouts. Bootstrap adds flexibility by using a grid system that changes depending on screensize. That means you can easily create a solution that works for tablets, phones and desktops. We can hide page sections such as images or grids on smaller screen sizes and that produces a system that fits flexible zoom and scrolling features.

This is a powerful method to create dynamic and responsive sites. If your website needs to be operational on all devices then bootstrap is the way to go.

Perhaps one key feature is to collapse a menu structure down to a design that is used on smaller devices or screen sizes. Bootstrap adds to stylesheets, javascript and reusable components and is a library that works well on modern browsers including Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX)

AJAX is a modern method that facilitates asynchronous web applications. This can connect to the web server to perform functions like add/modify/delete or read/write without the need to refresh a web page. This helps integrate server and client technology like a typical windows application using web services on the server. This is extremely powerful and is an exciting development that can be integrated with Javascript and JQUERY.

Traditionally, web developers were forced to refresh the entire page each time an action needed to be processed on the server. Now however, those days have gone. This technology uses an XML (extensible markup language) request to call the server using what is called a request object. The server processes the command and can return results to the browser usually in XML.

At JRB Software, we love to use this technology whenever possible to extend our capability and add features that could not be achieved otherwise. A classic example is a grid that uses paging. Instead of refreshing the page the grid updates independently of the rest of the page, creating more interactive and powerful applications. We use quality third party AJAX controls that adds power to your web site experience.