About the Business Owner - James Black


Meet James Black, a visionary in the realm of Information Technology and software development. His journey from the scenic landscapes of Christchurch, New Zealand, to the bustling business environment of Wodonga, Victoria, Australia, is a tale of relentless pursuit of knowledge, innovation, and excellence in the IT sector.

Educational Odyssey:

  • Early Ambitions:
    James's academic adventure began in his birthplace, Christchurch, where he initially dived into computing science. This choice was fueled by his outstanding achievements in the Higher School Certificate, marking the start of a lifelong passion for technology.

  • Charles Sturt University (Albury):
    At CSU, James's flair for IT shone brightly. He not only mastered the course material but also set a benchmark for academic excellence, culminating in receiving the Dean's Award. This period was crucial in shaping his analytical skills and deepening his understanding of complex IT systems.

  • Lifelong Learner:
    Beyond formal education, James has been an avid learner, obtaining a Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer certification and undergoing specialized training in Business Objects and COGNOS. His recent foray into graduate-level business studies further underscores his dedication to integrating business acumen with technological expertise.

Professional Tapestry

  • MARS Information Services:
    James's tenure at MARS was marked by significant achievements in both local support and the intricate realm of data warehousing, showcasing his ability to manage and innovate in high-pressure environments.

  • Pioneering CRM Solutions:
    His work on Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects is a testament to his skill in bridging technology with customer needs, creating robust platforms for sales and marketing, and integrating complex systems for seamless operation.

  • Web Development Maestro:
    James's acumen extends into the digital realm, where he's crafted numerous WordPress sites, embedding them with custom controls and functionalities. This expertise is not limited to WordPress but also extends to platforms like Dot Net Nuke and Prestashop, highlighting his versatility.

  • Data Analytics and Reporting Innovator:
    At The Personnel Group, James revolutionized reporting mechanisms, creating bespoke data scraping tools that turned raw data into insightful, actionable reports, driving decision-making processes.

  • Healthcare Sector Contributions:
    His collaboration with Albury Wodonga Health in integrating systems and enhancing business intelligence reflects his adaptability and commitment to applying IT solutions in diverse fields.

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JRB Software – The Culmination of a Dream:

  • Entrepreneurial Venture:
    JRB Software is James's brainchild, born from his rich industry experience and a desire to make a tangible impact on the local community through bespoke software solutions.

  • Community-Centric Approach:
    At the heart of JRB Software's ethos is a commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of local businesses and individuals. James's approach is hands-on, focusing on understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by each client.

  • Engagement and Collaboration:
    James actively seeks collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations. He believes in the power of synergy in creating innovative, effective solutions.

Professional Philosophy

James's philosophy centers around the transformative role of technology in shaping businesses and communities. He advocates for intuitive, user-centric designs and strategic IT implementations, aiming to unlock the full potential of technology in driving growth and efficiency.


Engage with James to discover how JRB Software can bring a new dimension to your technological needs. Visit our Contact Us page for more information.

Certifications and Academic Achievements:

  • Bachelor of Information Technology (High Distinction)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Certification
  • Advanced Training in Business Objects and COGNOS
  • Graduate Studies in Business/Commerce (Distinction Average)

Future Outlook

James is consistently at the forefront of technological evolution, eager to bring the latest and most effective solutions to his clients and community. His vision for the future is one where technology seamlessly integrates into every aspect of business and community life, fostering growth and innovation.

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