Project History

James's early career in local support at Uncle Ben's of Australia saw him develop essential systems in Microsoft Access and write production UNIX scripts to streamline batch data management. His post-university tenure at MARS Information Services marked his expertise in data warehousing, where he excelled in building a master data maintenance system, honing his skills in Oracle PL/SQL, and providing vital overnight support.

James Black

Featured System in Microsoft CRM Report

James's innovative CRM system caught the attention of Microsoft, leading to its feature in a prominent report. This recognition underscores the system's advanced customization and effectiveness in enhancing CRM functionality. The system significantly improved the sales and marketing processes by customizing the campaign model, facilitating the smooth transition of leads to opportunities and then to accounts. Key to this success was James's implementation of custom features and reports that optimized opportunity management and generation.

Additionally, as a qualified CRM developer, James took on the significant task of upgrading the CRM system from version 3 to version 4. This upgrade presented multiple challenges, requiring extensive alterations to existing features. James skillfully managed the reporting upgrades and redesigned the activity management workflow. He also introduced new, customized wizards, enhancing the system's usability and efficiency. His proficiency in Microsoft Reporting Services was evident as he developed a comprehensive suite of reports, catering to the upgraded CRM's enhanced capabilities.

Membership System Project at Aspirence:

The project at Aspirence showcased James's ability to handle complex CRM customizations. He developed a membership system within Microsoft CRM, which involved extensive customization to meet specific project requirements. Key features of this system included:

  • Membership Creation and Maintenance: James designed a system that streamlined the process of creating and maintaining memberships, ensuring ease of use and efficiency.
  • Innovative Membership Enrollment: Utilizing cameras for new membership creation, the system included an innovative approach to member registration, enhancing user engagement and the overall experience.
  • Membership Card Creation: The system facilitated the production of membership cards, integrating physical card creation with the digital CRM environment.
  • Lifecycle Management: James developed a comprehensive approach to managing membership status life cycles, ensuring a seamless transition through different stages of membership.
  • Integration with Legacy Systems: A critical aspect of the project was the integration of the CRM with existing legacy systems. This was achieved through the use of low-level protocols and stored procedures, demonstrating James's skill in creating cohesive systems that work well with established technologies.
  • Web Services and Background Processing: The development of a web services library and a background window service was pivotal in processing memberships and auditing events. This included a robust logging system, ensuring transparency and traceability.

In both projects, James demonstrated not just his technical acumen in Microsoft CRM, but also his ability to understand and translate complex business requirements into functional and efficient CRM solutions.


Software Engineer Role

Joining Intechrity as a software engineer, James exhibited his versatility by coordinating website relocations, developing Dot Net Nuke modules, and exploring emerging technologies. His work with a local tender company demonstrated his ability to deliver comprehensive account and product management solutions.

Reporting Officer

At The Personnel Group, James distinguished himself by developing a full reporting engine that streamlined data processing and report generation. His role extended to PC rollouts, device management, and website enhancements, demonstrating his multifaceted skill set.


Developer - Malley Family Care

With Malley Family Care, James undertook the ambitious task of constructing a CRM system, creating over 20 SSRS reports, and formulating a robust security model. His adept handling of complex data reflected his commitment to delivering tailored solutions for administrative efficiency.

Business Intelligence Engineer

James's role in enhancing Albury Wodonga Health's data warehousing and business intelligence included integrating live data feeds and establishing a Power BI environment. His ability to push the platform's boundaries showcased his innovative spirit and technical proficiency.

McGlone Celebrant

Web Development for Celebrant Services

The site James developed for Michael McGlone Celebrant Services is a testament to his understanding of user engagement, SEO, and content management, as evidenced by the site's rich gallery, testimonials, and user-friendly WordPress interface.

Airside North Project

James's web solution for Airside North featured an intuitive zoomable mapping system, enhancing the visibility of industrial lots in Albury and providing an efficient administrative interface for lot status updates.

Airside North

Refuel Fitness and Nutrition Project

By re-engineering Refuel Fitness and Nutrition's website with WordPress and WooCommerce, James delivered a seamless online store experience complete with booking features, exemplifying his ability to integrate e-commerce solutions effectively.

Electroflash Shopify Site

Leveraging Shopify's robust platform, JRB Software has meticulously revamped the e-commerce infrastructure of Electro Flash. A pivotal aspect of this endeavor involved the seamless importation of over 4,400 products, a task achieved through the strategic utilization of Microsoft Power Automate. Recognizing the complexity of custom order processing demands with MYOB, JRB Software crafted a sophisticated integration between MYOB and Shopify. This was accomplished by employing webhooks and custom APIs, ensuring flawless order execution in line with client expectations.

Furthermore, JRB Software developed an innovative administration tool that incorporates a macro-enabled Excel application within a Windows application framework. This solution was designed to efficiently address and rectify any discrepancies observed between MYOB and Shopify, enhancing operational consistency. The tool leverages custom Web API processing facilitated by Azure, enabling the addition and modification of products for accurate reconciliation.

To ensure the administration tool remains up-to-date, JRB Software implemented a scheduled process on Azure. This process is responsible for automatically generating and distributing a new version of the administrative spreadsheet on a weekly basis. The updated version is effortlessly downloaded when the tool is initiated, ensuring users have access to the latest functionalities and data for optimal performance.


AB Planned Supports

AB Planned supports required a simple one page website. This was developed in wordpress and hosted on their platform of choice.

Site demonstrates who they are, what they could do, testimonials and contact form.

E-Speciality Web Site

E-Speciality needed a site that advertised their services and expertise.

Site designed in Wordpress.


Home and Business Consulting

Adept at tackling both home and business tech challenges, James has established a reputation for thoroughness in internet, email, and printer setups, device management, and providing insightful training consultations.

For more information or to discuss your software needs, reach out through our Contact Us page or by calling James directly.