Project History

Local Support and Data Warehousing Roles

James worked on a number of projects in a local support role at Uncle Ben's of Australia. Projects include writing a claims management system in Microsoft Access, a collated load project website to assist with orders and inventory as well as a number of production UNIX scripts to assist in managing batch data.

After univeristy, he then entered into a data warehousing role at MARS Information Services where he thrived on building a master data maintenance system again in Microsoft Access. He became part of a support role, assisting in data warehousing in areas such as batch loading, aggregation and business objects reporting. He maintained a number of Ocacle PL/SQL scripts and attended to operator calls overnight when processes failed.

Microsoft CRM Projects

Being a Microsoft advocate, James left MARS and worked in a consulting role for a period of time. He worked for himself and researched the latest Microsoft technology. He then wrote e-commerce components for a custom content management system. Later, he joined a new firm in a Microsoft CRM Software Developer role.

At Aspirence, James developed two systems. One was a sales and marketing system where he heavily customized a campaign model, converting leads to new opportunities and ultimately accounts. He implemented a number of custom features that streamlined this process, writing reports to engineer opportunity managment and opportunity generation. This was achieved using wizards that customised activities, coming from campaigns, leads, opportunites and account management.

James's system was featured in a Microsoft report that marketed CRM. He also became a qualified CRM developer. Later he worked very closely with the client to upgrade CRM from version 3 to version 4. This was a significant upgrade which had a number of hurdles. Upgrading this product required reporting upgrades, activity management workflow, and new customised wizards. He also wrote a suite of reports using Microsoft reporting services.

Another project at Aspirence involved writing a membership system in Microsoft CRM. This also involved heavy customisation. Included in the project management was membership creation and maintenance, wizardry to create new memberships using cameras and membership card creation and formalising membership status life cycles. Surrounding the membership cycle, it became possible to integrate CRM with other legacy systems, using low level protocols and stored procedures. Development involved creating a web services library and a background window service that processed membership and auditing of events including a logging system.

Software Engineer Role

James learnt lots about website hosting and design after agreeing to work for Intechrity as a software engineer. In this role, he co-ordinated backup and relocation of websites to new hosting environments. He wrote modules for Dot Net Nuke and researched an up and coming technology called LightSwitch. Using this product, he engineered a website for a local tender company to handle account and product management as well as schedules, vendor details and payments.

Reporting Officer

As a report officer, James has developed a full reporting engine for The Personnel Group. This system involves robot processing automation and integration to import reports into a data warehouse before processing a number of core vital reports including dashboards and a host of other reports across three business programs. To achieve this, he has achieved an automatic report processor to produce the relevant Excel reports. As part of this role, he also was involved in documentation, PC rollouts across sites, managing devices, accounts and website enhancements.

Michael McGlone Celebrant Services

One of the good projects James has been involved in is a site for Michael McGlone Celebrant Services. Here he worked on site creation, SEO and formal training of stakeholders. What was important is that the client could maintain their own blogs and content using word press. Hence formal training material was used to bring the client up to speed quickly. Included in the content was a video, a stack of good testimonials, a full gallery for the photos, a number of blogs and contact details.

Airside North Project

JRB worked hard on developing a custom web site for Airside North that advertised a number of industrial lots within segments of Albury. What was needed was a zoomable mapping system that demonstrated the sites clearly in the Albury area. An administrative site was put up to allow the sold category of each lot to change.

Ta-Biblia E-Commerce Project

Using an E-Commerce system called PrestaShop, JRB built a book store front that had the ability to manage an inventory of books for purchase as either hard copy or downloadable material. Part of this project involved using modules that allowed downloadable ebooks to be made available once payment has been confirmed. Using the original text, JRB was able to compile the various ebook formats and make them available for sale.

Home and Business Consulting

James has successfully conducted a number of home and business projects that involved routers, internet setup, email setup, printer setup, operating system upgrades, device management and training consultation.

If are interested in JRB Software for your software needs, please be in contact using the Contact Us page or by calling James on +61 438 246 433.