Great Service

Our technicians are friendly and professional and respect your needs and home office requirements.



Our home visits start from as little as $50, and we're committed to providing affordable tech solutions.


Complete Service

We offer services including custom software, website design, tech setups and installs, and reporting.



If you're looking to make the most of your new hardware or upgrade, we offer product demonstrations.

Home Services

For local clients, JRB Software is able to travel to your home to configure a range of services.

From just $50, we provide in-home guidance and installation to have your home office running at its optimum efficiency.

There are a number of ways that JRB Software can provide tech assistance in your home. From virus removal, external hardware installation, and OS updates, we're experienced in all aspects of office tech maintenance and installation.

In addition, we can help you to explore more efficient ways to manage your data including device backup strategies.

We love to help people get the most from their new technology- if you're not confident with a certain program or device, we can guide you with demonstrations and instruction tailored to your age range and skill level.


JRB Software loves to help people learn how to use technology. For a competive price, we will attend to your needs no matter what your age or skill level. Perhaps you are looking to use a new tablet or phone and you are unaware of how to unleash all of its features.

We are comfortable demonstrating Windows, Apple and Android devices. Perhaps you may also like to learn how to use a smart TV such as Chrome-Cast or Apple TV.

There is a huge range of features available and we love to teach people how to get the most out of their technology.

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