Visual Studio

Microsoft's premium software development kit is Visual Studio. This is the platform that drives software engineering for main core developers using the Microsoft framework.

This is the preferred platform for JRB Software. Nevertheless, JRB Software has extensive experience in other platforms such C++ and LINUX. If we do not develop in your preferred product family, do talk to us as this may be an opportunity to learn and grow.

With Visual Studio, there are two main languages being C Sharp and Visual Basic .NET. Both are premium high level object oriented languages that unleashes creativity.

C Sharp

There has been a surge of attention to this technology. C Sharp is a part of the Microsoft .NET framework and is popular due to its C flavour without all the technical detail about things such as memory pointers and other low level details.

Javascript has a similar style to C#, which is one of the reasons we like C# development. This is the tool of choice for JRB Software, however, we are just as competent in Visual Basic .NET.

Visual Basic .NET

Visual Basic has continued to have huge success in Microsoft's toolkit. Visual Basic has always been at the heart of Microsoft's strategy. VB used to be a third generation language but now it has all the object oriented characteristics attributed to other high level languages.

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a similar environment used for Office automation. Sometimes there are benefits using Visual Basic throughout a Office / Visual Studio solution as they are similar.