Windows Software

Windows offers a range of options when it comes to software. Regarding desktop applications, there are two core options being a forms application or a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application.

Windows forms applications uses primitive but advanced methods to process data. WPF has some great visual advantages.

Quite often it is desirable to use a mixture of forms and WPF technology.

Windows Forms Applications

Form applications goes way back and has been a proven technology for over a decade. We believe that this still has many advantages for business applications that require more complex controls. Not only has it proven to be stable, reliable and to a small extent quicker, custom controls also are largely more comprehensive.

Form applications are here to stay. They offer comprehensive solutions however, it is likely that over time, WPF will become more popular. They are both great technologies and it will be interesting to see how they develop.

Windows Presentation Foundation

WPF is an upcoming technology mainly due to its ability to separate better between the interface and the code behind it. This technology has a wealth of animation and interface features that makes it a very good choice for applications that need to look nice.

WPF uses its own markup language to produce the screen layout and this has enormous advantages when creating dynamic interfaces.

Microsoft Lightswitch

Lightswitch is a brilliant technology put together to produce prototype applications quickly. Unfortunately, Microsoft are discontinuing this line of technology so it is not really an option for future development.

However, if the need comes to support it, we will certainly look into it.