Advanced Hosting and Integration Services by JRB Software

Seamless Integration and Hosting Solutions

At JRB Software, we specialize in delivering sophisticated integration features within server environments. Our expertise extends to building and managing Windows services that operate in the background, efficiently processing requests triggered by external applications like Microsoft CRM. We excel in facilitating seamless communication with diverse systems, utilizing stored procedures and protocols like HTTP, and crafting membership systems integrated with photo-taking capabilities and card readers.


Custom Control Development

Our capability in developing proprietary software enables us to create custom controls for a variety of functionalities, including camera integration, external system communication, and e-commerce solutions like shopping carts. Our focus on innovation and adaptability allows us to offer hosting solutions that are not just reliable, but also cutting-edge and tailored to specific business needs.

Windows Services for Background Processing

The Windows services we develop are essential for background processing, allowing for efficient handling of tasks without impacting the user experience. From processing member transactions to updating systems via automated messages, our services ensure seamless and uninterrupted operations.

Web Services and Application Integration

Leveraging Web Services with SOAP, we enable interactions between web browsers and servers, facilitating a range of operations from email dispatch to data management and payment processing. Our approach to application integration involves various technologies including UNIX/LINUX scripting, message queuing with MQSeries, and comprehensive reporting with tools like Microsoft SSRS and Business Objects.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Our proficiency in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) allows us to support secure and versatile message transactions across various platforms and systems. Utilizing contracts and protocols like TCP, HTTP, and MSMQ, we can set up architectures that enable disparate systems to communicate efficiently and securely.

Join the Journey with JRB Software

At JRB Software, we are passionate about harnessing the full development lifecycle and utilizing savvy techniques to exploit the power of Microsoft server technologies. Whether it's background processing, web services, or advanced integration, our solutions are designed to bridge gaps and enhance communication between various application models. If you're looking for a partner to develop and integrate sophisticated software systems, contact us to embark on this journey together.