Site Content Management

JRB Software supports and develops web sites using:

  • Dot Net Nuke
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla

Why not ask for development in these modules. If we have not done so already we can learn quickly and work together at a discounted rate to build the right features for your website.

Dot Net Nuke (DNN)

Specializing in DNN, we utilize ASP.NET technology backed by Microsoft's Visual Studio to deliver seamless site setup and hosting, which can be tailored to platforms like Microsoft Azure. Our expertise extends to creating custom DNN modules, ensuring your website is not only feature-rich but also user-friendly. This includes managing users, configuring navigation, and incorporating diverse elements such as forms, galleries, blogs, and guest books. JRB Software’s ability to adapt professional designs from the vibrant DNN community means your website will be responsive across various devices and screen sizes.



As the most widely used CMS, powering over 50 million websites, WordPress is our platform of choice for its simplicity, intuitive design, and extensive feature set. Our team excels in customizing WordPress to suit diverse business needs, from e-commerce solutions like WooCommerce to unique child themes for various industries. Proficient in PHP, MySQL, and Apache, JRB Software is committed to developing bespoke modules and themes, ensuring your WordPress site is both functional and visually appealing.


Joomla, known for its vast array of designs, features, and extensions since 2005, is another cornerstone of our CMS support. Its compatibility with diverse database systems like mySQL and Microsoft SQL sets it apart. While not as ubiquitous as WordPress, Joomla holds its own as a robust choice for content management. We assist in navigating this platform’s offerings to find the perfect fit for your website’s requirements.

At JRB Software, we understand that each business has unique digital needs. Whether it’s building FTP functionality, contact modules, or customizing existing themes and plugins, our team is equipped to provide tailored solutions. Our commitment extends to rapid learning and adapting to new technologies, ensuring we can deliver the right features for your website at competitive rates.

Choose JRB Software for a partner that not only designs and develops on these leading platforms but also collaborates closely with you to identify and customize the ideal solution for your business. Let us elevate your online presence with our expertise in site content management.