Site Content Management

There are numerous companies now distributing web site content management solutions. These companies usually offer a set of features that are free to use and easy to setup. The presentation of these sites is made available by selling skins or themes to quickly get you a website with a host of features. Regarding the operation of these themes are features made in the form of a plug in or module.

TPG Software supports and develops web sites using:

  • Dot Net Nuke
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla

Not only do we design for these sites, but we also offer software development for modules or plug ins. JRB Software has been involved in projects that builds for example FTP functionality amd contact modules. We will work with whatever technology underpins these sites including Visual Studio for DNN and PHP/Apache for Wordpress (for example).

Why not ask for development in these modules. If we have not done so already we can learn quickly and work together at a discounted rate to build the right features for your website.

Dot Net Nuke (DNN)

DNN uses a technology called ASP.NET. This is web technology driven by Microsoft's Visual Studio. Setting up DNN is very simple and can be hosted on Microsoft Azure or a hosting company of your choice. DNN modules are easy to create and JRB Software has the experience to build such modules. With this package comes a host of features. Users can be added to the system to allow you the flexibility to change the content of your pages. You will be able to configure navigation, setup forms, access gallaries, blogs, guest books, just to mention a few.

Because professional designers contribute to this open source project, you can build on their experience to produce professional looking websites that are responsive to changes in screen size, navigation and devices. That means that a web site renders in a flexible manner viewable on phones, tablets and desktop screens. So much is done for you in little time.

JRB Software can help you choose a skin and feature site that meets your requirements. Why not ask us today to build you a solution using DNN and Visual Studio?


Wordpress is perhaps the most popular Content Management System on the market, supporting over 50 million websites. Perhaps the main reason for this is due to its rich feature set such as woocommerce that allows shopping cart online store functionality (for example). Child themes are available that allow for the look and feel of such technology. For example, there is a sub theme for books or merchandise. There may be a need to offer both online and postal versions of your products. Wordpress is our favourite as it is simple, intuitive and very rich in what you can achieve out of the box.

Wordpress is also open source and uses a different technology using a scripting language called PHP, a database engine called mySQL and usually a web server called APACHE. JRB Software is competent in these technologies and is willing to write modules for this product if the need arises.

With this flourishing technology, there is a huge number of themes and modules. Why not work with us to identify and customise a solution out of the box to suite your needs.


Since 2005, Joomla also offers a hugh set of designs, features and extensions and is another popular choice. Joomla is built on PHP but unlike others, supports PostgresSQL and Microsoft SQL as possible database alternatives. Joomla is not quite as popular as Wordpress but is right up there as a popular choice for Content Management.

Why not put your faith in us to help you select the right Content Management System for you.

We look at all of the above platforms to ensure we offer the most cost effective feature set and design for your business.