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JRB Software is friendly and professional and respect your needs and business requirements.



JRB Software charges less than the competition. We offer an affordable solution that is thoughtful and constructive.



We will not leave you in the dark. We are around for the long haul and offer affordable on site support for your system deployments.



JRB believes in an agile approach to software development. As we run to the sprint line, we do not discard the need for adequate system training.

Build Powerful Applications

Build powerful applications using the toolset that comes directly from Microsoft. Whether you are looking for something functional or pleasing to the eye, we have you covered. Desktop applications are here to stay! Further, we have access to a host of custom controls that makes development much simpler with more capability and elegance.

Web Design

Design Flexible and Customable Websites

Build dynamic and elegant web sites. Explore custom solutions for your intranet or data warehouse. For business production systems, you can host a much richer toolset that is more flexible than a content management system.

Use Content Management out of the box

For a comprehensive look and feel, go with a content management package using a choice of thousands of designs and plugins to improvise your dream website.

Bring the power of Microsoft Excel to the Foreground

Many applications are suitable to Microsoft's suite of Office products. Excel in particular has a level of expert features suitable for business products. Many firms like to ask 'what if' scenarios to determine things like budgets, schedules, forecasts or KPIs. However to build these models or web sites, why not use a custom reporting processor that pulls data out of your data warehouse into your Excel reports. Further, you can create graphs or interaction to filter your model how you like it.
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Database normal

Prototype Using Microsoft Access

Build prototypes for unique systems using an intuitive and dynamic environment, making use of all of Microsoft's experience in maintaining databases. Work with a local or linked data set in an external database management system. Not only is Microsoft Access a powerful way to maintain a database, there are also a load of automation features available through scripting or macros or reports. Microsoft Access development can lead to fully functional and comprehensive systems that outperform other alternatives. Once a prototype has been achieved, then it is time to build a more professional approach.

Develop Reporting and Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is becoming a reality for small to large firms. Slice and dice your data warehousing environment to your liking. Business Intelligence has become a possibility in Microsoft environments through Power BI and reporting services. Dimension data to your liking, and automatically aggregate and explore historical data through some very powerful tools. There are some other very good tools out there as well but these are the main tools from Microsoft.

Work with Integration and Analyses Services in a Database Environment

For small to middle size firms, most organisations are going with Microsoft SQL Server to meet their needs. SQL Server is a powerful database platform that offers superior integration between different data formats. Microsoft offers services to allow for building analyses needs out of a data warehouse. This prepares data for business intelligence and reporting needs. Oracle is a popular choice with larger corporations running large scale tools such as SAP. SQL server is a very intuitive engine and is most interoperable with the Microsoft environment. JRB software supports both Microsoft's and Oracle's platform.

Hosting Environments in the Cloud

Hosting services can range in price quite steeply. To host a simple web site, that can be quite cheap but most medium to high scale business users require something a little bit more powerful. Microsft Azure offer a very comprehensive suite of services for hosting and is recommended for larger scale tasks in the cloud. Otherwise, there are far cheaper alternatives out there for both content management environments and Microsoft platforms. Cloud technologies are taking off and providing very interesting solutions for organisations globally. We are happy to find a hosting environment of choice to meet your budget based on your requirements.

Create a fresh online E-Commerce Storefront

Shopping online is becoming more the norm in this generation. Capitalise with products such as Shopify, Woo commerce and Presta Shop to streamline your shopping cart experience. Manage different stores, finalise with different payment options and manage your products and variations. Track your store with inventory control or if you sell digital material such as ebooks or multi media, allow your clients to download products directly and manage their account. A wealth of experience has been placed into ecommerce strategies and we can work with you on an agreed platform and budget.