Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is by far the best suite to handle word processing, spreadsheets, mail, databases and presentation requirements. JRB Software has extensive experience in automating Office to achieve powerful systems for business. Using Office, you can create sophisticated reports in Word or unleash the power of Excel to provide dashboards and key business reports. Using Microsoft Access, data has never been easier and more user friendly to cut into a rich feature set using the Office scripting language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Microsoft Excel

Excel spreadsheets are extremely powerful in processing data. Using formulas, pivot tables, graphs, mailing templates, advanced layouts and presentation, you may well want to use spreadsheets to display key KPI dashboards and reports. JRB Software has significant experience in making Excel work with you in a transformational way.

Using Visual Basic for Applications, we are able to provide sophisticated custom functions and automation that makes Excel reporting more functional and interactive.

Why not consider using JRB Software to achieve your ultimate business goals in Excel.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a premium prototyping tool that can work with linked datasets including Excel, SQL Server, Oracle and other data requirements. Using tables, queries, forms and reports, MS Access can unleash powerful database capabilities.

Using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), complex and thorough automation can produce amazing results. MS Access allows you to quickly put together the pieces of the puzzle and often is good enough. Then if you would like to, a more formal software project can turn your MS Access system into a more fully pledged Visual Studio application.

MS Access is an incredibly user friendly system that works the way you want. Develop wizards, complex hierarchies, subforms and sophisticated reports. Opportunities are endless with MS Access.

Visual Basic For Applications (VBA)

VBA is the scripting language that comes with Microsoft Office. JRB Software can automate all compatible Microsoft Office products. VBA in Excel and Access are particularly powerful. Use Excel to produce powerful pivot tables, graphing, custom functions and dashboards. Access can be built to behave like a fully pledged application and is a great prototyping tool.

Using Visual Studio, more powerful automation can be used to hook into development of Office applications. Why not consider one of these solutions for your business.