Microsoft Office

At JRB Software, we recognize Microsoft Office as the quintessential suite for a broad spectrum of business needs, encompassing word processing, spreadsheets, email management, database functionalities, and compelling presentations. Our expertise lies in harnessing the suite’s full potential to create sophisticated systems tailored to your business requirements. From crafting detailed reports in Word to deploying the robust capabilities of Excel for dashboards and critical business reporting, our solutions are designed to enhance productivity and efficiency. With Microsoft Access, we make data handling a seamless and user-friendly experience, employing the powerful scripting language Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to tap into Office’s rich feature set.


Microsoft Excel

Excel is not just a spreadsheet application but a comprehensive tool for effective data management and presentation. JRB Software brings a wealth of experience in transforming Excel into a dynamic tool for your business. Our expertise in formulas, pivot tables, graphing, and advanced layouts turns spreadsheets into essential instruments for displaying key KPI dashboards and reports. With custom functions and automation via VBA, we elevate Excel’s reporting capabilities, making it more functional and interactive to align with your business objectives.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access stands as a premier tool for rapid prototyping, efficiently working with linked datasets from diverse sources like Excel, SQL Server, and Oracle. We utilize Access to unleash its formidable database capabilities, crafting tables, queries, forms, and reports that cater to your unique data needs. The agility of Access in prototyping allows for the quick assembly of database solutions, which can be further developed into comprehensive applications using Visual Studio. Our proficiency with VBA in Access translates into the creation of wizard-driven interfaces, complex data hierarchies, and detailed reporting structures, offering endless possibilities in database management.


Visual Basic For Applications (VBA)

JRB Software specializes in VBA, the scripting backbone of Microsoft Office, enabling us to automate functionalities across compatible Office products. The power of VBA in Excel and Access is particularly notable, allowing for advanced data analysis, custom function creation, and dashboard development. When projects demand even greater automation and integration, we leverage Visual Studio to develop more sophisticated Office applications, offering scalable solutions for your business needs.

At JRB Software, we’re committed to unlocking the full potential of Microsoft Office for your business. Whether it’s through Excel's data analysis capabilities, Access's database management prowess, or the automation power of VBA and Visual Studio, our goal is to provide you with tailored solutions that drive efficiency and innovation in your business processes. Let us help you transform the way you use Microsoft Office in your day-to-day operations.